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Recent changes to Remnant II have altered items referenced in this table. Some information has been removed until it can be verified and some descriptions are altered to match updated effects before proper new descriptions are available.
Mod Name Location Special/Standard Effect Mod Cost
Astral Burst Yaesha
(Cathedral of Omens: Faith Seed)
Standard Fires a short range burst of 7 star fragments which deal 35 damage each. Fragments bounce off walls up to 3 times, dealing 35% additional damage per bounce. Weakspot hits deal reduced damage. 450
Banish Ward 13
(Brabus: Repulsor)
Special Banishes enemies or allies into another dimension for 4s. When Banish ends, enemies take 1.25x - 1.5x the damage from the Repulsor's primary fire for 8s.

Powerful enemies won't be banished, but will take increased damage from any Repulsor while debuffed.
Beta Ray Root Earth
(Blackened Citadel: Annihilation)
Special Brands a target for 30s. Branded enemies that die leave a Brand at their location.

Reloading or Swapping detonates Brands dealing 225 - 675 damage. Additional Brands 3 Max) on the same target deal 50% damage. Slain enemies return 5-15% of Ammo and Mod Power to the weapon.
Big Bang N'Erud
(Dark Conduit: Supply Ship Event)
Special Funnels all current Mod Charges into the next shot. Projectile deals 65 - 195 direct damage and 65 - 195 Explosive damage per Charge consumed in a 5m radius. Explosion applies 75 - 225 BURNING damage over 10s per Charge consumed.

Additional Charges consumed increase all damage by 5%. Max 5 Charges.
Blood Draw Yaesha
(Gilded Chambers: Bloody Steel Splinter)
Standard Shoots out razor-sharp Chain Shards which impale up to 5 targets within 15m, dealing 10 damage.

On hit, chains are pulled towards the caster, dealing 250 damage split equally among enemies and applying 275 BLEEDING damage over 15s.

Bloodline Yaesha
(Ravager's Lair: Corrupted Ravager: Slay the ravager after he eats the Red Doe)
Special Fires a devastating blast with penetrates through all enemies in its path. Dels 150 - 450 damage with a 25% Critical damage bonus, and 3x additional stagger.

Bloodline damage increases by 50% for each enemy penetrated.
Bloodshot Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Merciless)
Special While active, grants unlimited Reserve Ammo, increases Reload Speed by 50%, and shots appy[sic] 250 BLEEDING damage over 10s. If 3 shot[sic] hit a Weakspot reloading, Merciless will automatically perform a quick Reload. Lasts 13s. 1,250
Bore N'Erud
(Dark Conduit: Abomination)
Standard Fires a drill projectile which bores into enemies on contact, dealing 80

damage. After fully burrowing into an enemy, creates a Weakspot which grants 65% of normal Weakspot Damage on hit. If attached to an existing Weakspot, Ranged Crit Chance is increased by 15% when attacking the drill. Lasts 10s.

Chain of Command Losomn
(Chamber of the Faithless: The One True King)
Special Harpoon Mode: Fire Harpoon to mark target causing primary fire to become Homing Rounds dealing 15% reduced damage. Enemies hit by Homing Rounds build Influence. Recasting exits Mode.

When Influence fills, Monarch automatically reloads, creates a shockwave, and gains 20% Increased Damage and Infinite Reserves. Lasts 20s.
Chaos Driver The Labyrinth
(Cipher Rod)
Special Drives electrified rods which tether to other rods within 10m. Tethers last 10s and deal 20 - 60 SHOCK damage per second.

Targets take 50 - 150 SHOCK damage per second, and 25% damage per extra rod. Increases 1.5x if linked to another rod. Rods in the same target will not link.
Concussive Shot Ward 13
(Ava McCabe: Root Mantis)
Standard Fires a focused blast of air through all targets within 8m, dealing 155 - 465 damage and 4x impact. 450
Corrosive Rounds Losomn
(Shattered Gallery: Magister Dullain)
Standard Imbues ammunition with ACID and increases Range Critical Chance by 15% for 20s. Shots apply CORRODED dealing 150 - 450 damage over 10s. 1,250
Creeping Mist Losomn
(Sunken Haunt: Sunken Witch)
Standard Shoots out a canister that shatters to reveal an expanding mist, starting at 7.5m and growing to 15m over 5s. Lasts 20s.

Enemies within the mist receive 25% additional Status Effect Damage and are 5% more likely to be struck with a critical hit from any source. The mists debuff persists for 10s after targets exit the mist.
Cube Room Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Cube Gun)
Special Conjures a 5m anomalous Cube Room which grants allies an increase of 75% Heat Decay Rate, reduces Heat Generation per round when firing weapons that Overheat by 20% and automatically generates missing reserve ammo per second. Lasts 15s. 1,000
Defrag Root Earth
(Ashen Wasteland: Cancer)
Standard Infects weapon with Malware for 30s, causing shots to apply FRAGMENTED for 5s. When a FRAGMENTED enemy dies, they create a Glitch that lasts 15s.

Picking up a Glitch increases All damage by 20% for 15s. Destroying a Glitch causes it to destabilize, creating a 5m Virus Pool which deals 25 damage per second and applies the FRAGMENTED debuff to enemies inside. Virus Pools last 15s.

Dreadwalker Losomn
(Tormented Asylum: The Nightweaver)
Special Enter the Nightmare Realm. Nightfall gains infinite Ammo, a 25% Fire Rate increase, 10% Lifesteal, and becomes fully automatic. The wielder becomes significantly harder to hit while moving.

Disables other weapons and Skills for the duration, or until Dreadwalker is deactivated. Lasts 10s.
Energy Wall N'Erud
(Timeless Horizon: Ionic Crystal)
Standard Deploys an energy barrier on impact with ground. Allies can shoot through Energy Wall but enemy projectiles are absorbed (up to 500 damage received). Max 1 Wall at a time. Lasts 30s. 500
Eulogy Yaesha
(Dappled Glade: Meidra: Give Tear of Kaeula)
Special Recalls bolts which deal 30 - 90 damage when pulled from a target and when striking targets on their return. Recalled bolts grant 2% of Max Health.

Recalled bolts can also overfill Sorrow up to +5. Any additional bolts will be returned to reserves.
Explosive Shot Root Earth
(Ashen Wasteland: Hellfire)
Special Fires an explosive round that deals up to 175 - 525 FIRE damage within 9m and applies BURNING, dealing 250 - 750 FIRE damage over 5s. N/A
Familiar Losomn
(Briella's Reverie: The Huntress: Huntress's Dream)
Standard Summons Fearie Familiar to aid in combat. The Familiar selects a random enemy within 10m and slashes through them for 25 damage each attack. Familiar will select a new target when the previous one dies. Lasts 15s. 1,000
Fargazer Yaesha
(Twisted Chantry: Legion)
Standard Calls forth an eye of Legion to gaze at the player's AIM target. For every 0.25s Fargazer focuses on a target within 25m, a stack of MADNESS Status is applied for 5s. Each stack deals 3 Damage per second. Max 10 stacks. Lasts 30s. 1,250
Firestorm Losomn
(Gilded Chambers: The Red Prince)
Standard Creates a whirling cyclone that sucks in nearby targets and applies BURNING for 10s. The center of the cyclone deals 75 FIRE damage per second. Lasts 1s5s. 1,250
Fusion Cannon Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Savior)
Special Funnels all current Mod Charges into a powerful penetrating rail dealing 100 - 300 base damage which is increased per Charge consumed. Max 5 Charges.

Consuming a Charge refills 20% of the Primary Magazine.
Gravity Core Ward 13
(Brabus: Apocalypse difficulty)
Special Fires a highly compressed sphere which creates a large Gravity Well on contact, pulling in enemies for 4s.

When the Gravity Well expires, it deals 375 - 1,125 damage within 10m. Adds 250 - 750 damage per enemy and divides total damage among all enemies.
Guardian's Call Yaesha
(The Great Bole: Corruptor)
Special When Mod Power is full, Primary Fire becomes Empowered and highlights enemies it strikes.

Activating the mod calls down a Guardian Sword on enemies struck by an Empowered Energy Disc. Swords deal 100 - 300 damage and 3x stagger within 3m.
Guardian's Fury Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Arbalest)
Special Imbues the Arbalest with the power of Yaesha's corrupted guardian, increases Fire Rate by 20%, reduces Recoil and Sway by 25% and each disc impact with an enemy explodes over 3.5m for 69 - 207 damage. Lasts 15s. 1,250
Healing Shot Ward 13
(Ava McCabe: Root Mantis)
Standard Launches a payload that explodes on contact with allies, healing 35% of their max health. When no ally is struck, payload lays dormant until an ally gets close. Dormant payload lasts 30s, slowly losing healing potency over time. 600
Heat Sink N'Erud
(Titan's Reach)
Special Forces open Plasma Cutter's heat vents dispersing all heat. While active, Plasma Cutter generates 50% less heat, and ramping damage cap is increased to 3x Damage. Overheats automatically when deactivated. Lasts 20s. 850
Helix N'Erud
(Astropath's Respite: The Astropath)
Standard Shoots a helix of missiles, dealing 120 damage. On contact, divides into 6 smaller rockets which seek additional targets, dealing 30 damage on contact. 850
Hot Shot Ward 13
(Ava McCabe: Root Mantis)
Standard Imbues ammunition with FIRE and increases Ranged damage by 15% for 20s. Shots also apply BURNING, dealing 200 - 600 FIRE Damage over 10 seconds. 1,250
Knight Guard Losomn
(Walk of Remembrance: Memoriam Medallion Key: Crown of the Red Prince)
Standard Summons Knight Guard to aid in combat. The Guards hurl penetrating slashes at a random enemy dealing 15 damage. The Guards will melee enemies if close enough for 15 damage. Lasts 20s. 450
Loathe The Weak Earth
(Ward 13: McCabe: Occult Vessel)
Special Rapidly fires volatile needles that explode after 1.5s dealing 30 - 90 explosive damage. Deals additional damage to targets with lower health. Lasts 10s. 915
Micronova Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Aphelion)
Special Fires 5 shattered star orbs. On contact, they each explode for 75 - 225 FIRE damage, and apply 200 - 600 BURNING damage over 10s to all targets within 2.75m.

Striking the Micronova with Corrupted Aphelion's primary fire causes a chain reaction of larger and more powerful detonations which also apply the initial BURNING amount.

Generates 1 Primary Ammo on Fire.
Moonlight Barrage Losomn
(Nimue: Crescent Moon: Nimue's Dream)
Special Empowers the Bow for 15s. Arrows apply Moonlight to enemies for 3s. Enemies struck by Crescent Moon while Moonlit release a Moon Essence which returns 1 arrow, heals 5% of Max Health, and grants 15% Fire and Reload Speed for 5s.

Basic Shots automatically become Charged Shots. Perfect Shots fire two arrows.
Nano Phase Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Nebula)
Special Detonate active Nano-bots, each dealing 100 - 200 ACID damage plus an additional 25 - 50 ACID damage per Nano-bot detonated to enemies within 2m and applies CORRODED, dealing 50 - 100 damage over 10s per Nano-bot detonated. 600
Nano Swarm N'Erud
(Forgotten Prison: Tal'Ratha)
Special Unleash a swarm of Nanomachines that seek after enemies within 20 meters and repeatedly attack dealing 6 ACID damage per hit. Lasts 15 seconds. 750
Overflow N'Erud
(Ascension Spire: Escalation Circuit)
Standard Imbues ammunition with SHOCK and increases Fire Rate by 15% and Reload Speed by 15% for 20 seconds. Shots also apply OVERLOADED, dealing 35 SHOCK Damage every 5s for 15s. 1,250
Prismatic Driver N'Erud
(Spectrum Nexus: The Custodian's Eye)
Standard Fires a superheated beam which deals 25 Mod Damage[sic] per second. Sustaining the beam on a target causes an explosion which deals 150 Mod damage[sic] in a 3m AOE. 500 per pulse
Ring of Spears Losomn
(Glistering Cloister: Bruin, Blade of the King)
Special Calls forth 7 Phantom Spears to encircle the wielder for 25s. Deals up to 35 damage per second to nearby enemies, based on the number of spears remaining in the ring.

While active, spears can be thrown by reactivating the Mod. Spears deal 100 and will remain at their impact point for the duration of the Mod.

Holding the Mod Button recalls embedded Spears, dealing 50 damage to enemies along their path. When all recalled spears return, they cause an Explosion dealing up to 350 damage based on the number of spears recalled.
Rootlash Yaesha
(Kaeula's Rest: Kaeula's Shadow)
Standard Launches a projectile which summons a Root Tentacle. Tentacles deal 30 - 90 damage and steal 1.5% of the hero's[sic] Max Health per hit. Lasts 20s. (Max 2) 450
Rotted Arrow Yaesha
(The Expanding Glade: Shrewd)
Standard Fires a rotten arrow that deals 75 - 225 Base Damage with a 125% bonus Weakspot modifier. Detonates for another 100 - 300 damage within 1.5m. 400
Scrap Shot Ward 13
(Ava McCabe: Root Mantis)
Standard Fires a canister that releases Caltrops over an area of 6m. Caltrops apply SLOW and BLEEDING to enemies, dealing 400 - 1,200 damage over 10s. Lasts 10s. 750
Shatterstar Ward 13
(Brabus: Savior)
Special Imbues ammunition with FIRE. Hits apply BURNING, which deals 250 - 750 FIRE damage over 10 seconds. Lasts 20s.

Hitting an enemy causes the shot to fragment, striking enemies within 7m for 30% of the initial damage dealt and also apply BURNING. Lasts 20s.
Skewer 2.0 Root Earth
(Corrupted Harbor: Venom)
Standard Fires a Wretched Spear which embeds itself on contact. Spears deal 125 damage on hit, rapidly dividing inside the target until bursting, dealing 140 damage to all targets within 3m. Spears embedded in the environment remain in place for 10s. 850
Song of Eafir Yaesha
(Water Harp: Secret Song)
Standard Fires a shot infused with the binding power of the Song of Eafir. Staggers most ground enemies within 10m and deals 150 - 450 damage to Flying enemies within the same range.

The song continues for 15s, afflicting targets within 15m with SLOW reducing their damage by 10%.
Soul Brand Losomn
(Rune Pistol)
Special Applies Soul Brand to all enemies within 25m which lasts 25s. Enemies killed while bearing the Soul Brand leave behind an Echo which lasts 10s before returning to the Nightmare Realm.

Echoes are drawn to any survivor who walks within 3m, granting 20% of Max Health on contact.
Soulbinder Yaesha
(The Chimney: Heart Seed)
Standard Fires a projectile that attaches to the enemy dealing 40 damage. Enemies within 7m become bound to the primary target after impact and share 60% of damage dealt to them. Lasts 15s. 650
Space Crabs N'Erud
(The Hatchery: Primogenitor)
Standard Launch an alien egg that bursts on impact, releasing 5 Space Crabs. Crabs follow the caster, leaping towards enemies within 4m,[sic] and exploding, dealing 60 - 180 damage each. 450
Spore Shot Ward 13
(Brabus: Veteran difficulty or higher)
Special Fires a rotten spore that releases a specialized gas cloud over 6m. Applies SLOW to enemies while dealing 15 - 45 damage per second for 7s. Grants HASTE to allies, which lasts 5s after leaving the cloud. 350
Starfall Yaesha
(Cathedral of Omens: Sagittarius)
Special Fires a magical arrow which deals 30 - 90 damage and opens a 7m portal that rains down star fragments. Each fragment deals 50 - 150 damage within 2m. Last 6s. 750
Stasis Beam N'Erud
(The Eon Vault: Ruined Soulspark Vault Event)
Standard Fires a beam which deals 15 - 45 damage per second, and applies SLOW. After 2s of application to an enemy, SLOW becomes STASIS, freezing the target in place for 10s. 50 per pulse.
Supernova N'Erud
(Sentinel's Keep: Sha'Hala: Alt Kill)
Special Fires the compressed remains of a dying star. On contact, explodes for 150 - 450 FIRE damage, and 350 - 1,050 BURNING damage over 10s to all targets within 4m.

Striking the Supernova with Aphelion's primary fire spawns a massive shockwave which greatly increases the area of effect, total damage, and applies the initial BURNING amount.

Generates 1 Primary Ammo on Fire.
Tremor Yaesha
(The Nameless Nest: Mother Mind)
Standard Fires a projectile that cracks the ground and spawns shockwaves that deal 75 damage Within 9m for 6s. Shockwaves inflict 3x impact. 900
Voltaic Rondure Losomn
(The Great Sewers: Bloat King)
Standard Launches a slow-moving orb that pulses every 0.5s , striking enemies within 3m for 20 SHOCK damage and applying OVERLOADED for 15s. The orb lasts 20s . The orb can be overcharged by striking it with additional damage. 850
Will of the Wisp Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Sorrow)
Special Launches a Wisp that uniquely seeks to one anchored primary fire bolt location. Bolts anchored to enemies deal 100 - 300 damage per Wisp. Bolds anchored to allies heal 10% Max Health per Wisp. Bolts are consumed when impacted by a Wisp. 500
Windfall Ward 13
(Dwell: Corrupted Deceit)
Special Fires a ring of spinning blades which penetrates targets as it travels up to 20m before returning to the weapon. While traveling, activating Windfall again causes the projectile to spin in place for up to 3s. Activating it once more will recall it.

Enemies struck by the Windfall obtain Tainted Blood for 3s causing all attacks from Deceit to trigger as Weakspot hits.
Witchfire Losomn
(Cotton's Kiln: Gwendil: The Unburnt)
Standard Fires a highly volatile projectile that explodes to leave a line of flaming terrain. Deals 55 FIRE Damage per second, and applies BURNING, dealing 200 damage over 10s. Lasts 5s. 750