The One True King

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The One True King is the final boss of the Awakened King storyline from the DLC of the same name.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The King will begin the fight at the far end of the arena, but will not remain there for long. In order to close the gap or simply to reposition, he can teleport near the Traveler, often placing him outside their field of view. However, his reappearance is accompanied by a glowing circle around him, giving a quick indicator of where he is.

Once in reach, he will strike with his mace, either slamming it down once or twice, or ramming its head into the ground to cause a staggering shockwave.

Alternatively, the King may stay further back, and instead spew a stream of blood at the Traveler, which can be avoided by strafing.

The mace has its own healthbar, allowing the Traveler to attack it. Both the mace strikes as well as the shockwave slam cause damage to it as well, enough to break it after about 12 hits.
Once depleted, the bar immediately resets, but a Fae Knight breaks free. After a short moment, they will teleport up to the King's neck, stabbing him. This damages him for 10% of his maximum health, and also stuns him.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

If the One True King has been staggered at least once, and his health is below 80%, will initiate a horde phase. Becoming invulnerable, he begins to levitate and teleports to the center of the arena.

Energy pillars will periodically erupt underneath the Traveler, as well as scattered around the arena. A group of 12 Melee Dran will appear to attack, while a group of multiple Travelers will also have to contend with a supporting Fae Penitent Healer.
After roughly 30s, the One True King will slam down onto the arena, draining the souls of any surviving Dran, healing 1% of his health for each. The mace will also be fully restored.

Once a first horde phase is completed, the King gains two new attacks:

  • A ranged stomp that causes a staggering tremor to move outwards in a cone. Can be chained up to thrice.
  • A sweeping strike in melee, covering a wide arc in front of him.

Each horde phase, also always grants the King an ignition charge, signified by a shimmering glow across his body and an orange flame on his chest. Two charges are given if he devours any Dran, while a third requires him to devour more than half of a horde.
He can spend a charge to follow up one of his attacks with a more powerful ability:

  • The Shockwave Slam will be followed up by a second slam, sending out a more slow moving shockwave, accompanied by several energy pillars that also travel outwards.
  • The Sweeping Strike is followed up by him raising his mace into the air, causing multiple groups of energy pillars to erup around himself.
  • The Tremor Stomp sees him plant the mace onto the ground afterwards, channeling a vortex effect that pulls in the Traveler. After a short while, the vortex erupts into a damaging field.

Choices[edit | edit source]

Task[edit | edit source]

  1. Accept: Accept The One True King's task, then kill Nimue, rewarding Broken Heart.
  2. Accept then spare: Accept the task, then spare Nimue, rewarding Gift of the Unbound.
  3. Deny: Deny the task altogether, then tell Nimue, rewarding Jewel of the Beholden.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  1. Kill: Kill The One True King without destroying his weapon, rewarding Agony Spike which can be exchanged for Monarch.
  2. Alternate Kill: Kill The One True King by first destroying his weapon then killing him while he is knelt, rewarding Tormentor's Pommel which can be exchanged for Wrathbringer.
  3. Additional Reward: Kill The One True King with Burden of the Divine equipped, rewarding Burden of the Departed.

Other Drops[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]