Burden of the Departed

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Burden of the Departed
Burden of the Departed
Reduces Total Relic Charges by 33%. Increases All Damage dealt by 10%.
Downloadable content required
This content is only available to owners of: Remnant II: The Awakened King
It seems a contradiction that a ring so dark and twisted as to bear resemblance to the mad king who forged it could invoke intense tenderness and grief, yet it does just that. Just as these burdensome rings have been reunited, one can only hope that their original bearers have also found their way back to each other.
“The One True King has many secrets hidden within the dark recesses of his castle and it would seem, the blackened organ he calls a heart. Such secrets, of course, are ripe for the picking, begging those clever enough to spy them to uncover such treasures and await the opportune moment to bring them to light.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]