Vacuum Seal

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Vacuum Seal
Vacuum Seal
Increases Automatic Pickup Range for Scrap by 150%. Picking up Scrap, Iron, or Ammo grants a SHIELD for 15% of Max Health for 15s. Does not stack.
You tell yourself it's not a black hole. It can't be. A black hole even the size of a pin would destroy this entire world, wouldn't it?

But if it's not a black hole, why does it suck in the light like that?
“There is no power source in the universe greater than that of Alepsis-Taura. A normal black hole produces so much dark energy that it can sustain its own existence, but Alepsis-Taura produces enough energy to sustain both itself, N'Erud, and all the stars in the universe a trillion times over.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]