Hardcore Metal Band

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Hardcore Metal Band
Hardcore Metal Band
Taking damage adds 1 stack of BULWARKIncreases damage resistance.

1 Stack: +7% DR
2 Stacks: +13% DR
3 Stacks: +18% DR
4 Stacks: +22% DR
5 Stacks: +25% DR
which individually falls off after 10s. Max 5 stacks.
Despite having virtually endless energy source in its center, N'Erud is designed to be remarkably efficient. Technology like this, for example, allowed the ship to automatically increase shielding only when it was necessary.
“Empty though the space may be, there are a great many dangers between the stars. What makes these threats most dangerous is that they are few and far between, thus lulling the unwary traveler into complacency.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]