Timeless Horizon

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Timeless Horizon
Timeless Horizon
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The Timeless Horizon is the second overworld of the "Core" storyline.

Description[edit | edit source]

After completing the boss dungeon of the Phantom Wasteland and collecting the second Seeker's Key, the Traveler reaches the Timeless Horizon.

In order to find the third and final Seeker's Key, they must reach the boss dungeon of the area, located in the far north-west. Passing through it leads back to the Phantom Wasteland.

There are however multiple other places to visit:

Ahead from the entrance to the Timeless Horizon, in the north-east of the area, the Traveler can find the point of interest for this area, as well as the ruin of a tower. Branching off towards the left and right are the two side dungeons of this area.

The tower ruin is patrolled by Repair Service Drones, Welder Drones and a few Heavy Riot Sentinels. Hidden on the lower level is the Simulacrum of this storyline.

Further in the back is an elevator, which brings the Traveler up to a tomb similar to the ones containing the Seeker's Keys, but this one contains the Ionic Crystal crafting material.

An easy to miss stairwell to the right of the tomb leads to yet more elevators, which in turn lead to a room containing the Override Pin, as well as a voice log of Precept Surus, one of the Drzyr Seekers which once held the keys.

Last but not least, in the north-west near the boss dungeon entrance, the Deceased Engineer lies hidden in the fog.

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