Wind Hollow Circlet

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Wind Hollow Circlet
Wind Hollow Circlet
Increases Reload Speed by 12%.
Even a light breeze will cause this ring to emit a soft hum. It is said rings like this were given to the Pan Musicians to protect them should their music ever fail.
“The Musicians kept the Pan safe from the Ravager's rage for generations, but even Musicians must be battle-ready—for when worse come to worst.”

Wind Hollow Circlet is a ring granting reload speed, unlocked from the Wind Tower which can be found in certain variations of Endaira's End.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Puzzle Solution
  1. Take the staircase leading toward the waterfall. Off to the side there will be a small gap to crouch through. Crouch through it to find a book.
  2. Refer to the top set of symbols shown here, the first page of the book. The first page displays the solution for this section.
  3. Ascend the tower and step onto the pressure plates corresponding to the symbols. When activating the symbols, press them one at a time until green particles appear in the wind indicating it was pressed correctly.
  4. If done correctly, the center of the tower will emit a glow. Wind Hollow Circlet will rise from the floor on a pedestal located near the tower.

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