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N'Erud is a world-sized spaceship created by the spacefaring Drzyr. Once a technological marvel, a disaster has left it derelict and devoid of life. It has drifted in the void for untold millennia, awaiting the arrival of the life its creators so desperately sought...

N'Erud[edit | edit source]

What have we created? A world, yes, but a world no longer. N'Erud has become a tomb drifting alone through the void, bereft of historian or explorer or witness. Everything the Drzyr feared has come to pass, and we are the ones who made it so.” -Aerary Glyph

N'erud stands as a desolate wasteland before a supermassive black hole, little remains except for robots, entropic zombies, and a radioactive wasteland. What caused this destruction is more complicated than it may seem on the surface. A high tech civilization called the Drzyr once travelled the cosmos searching for life but something happened that lead them to throw their lives into Alepsis Taura.

History[edit | edit source]

There is very little left of the Drzyr's early history except for snippets of audio logs, a few item descriptions, and a mural that can be found in one of the jagged towers that dot the desiccated landscape, but we can gleam some insights into the species based off of their Caste system and information from before their fateful jump.

Caste[edit | edit source]

" It is said that the Seekers are the heart of the Drzyr, the Astropaths our sight, the Xul our thoughts, and the Phetyr our strength. The Ofildi were often omitted from this proverb, but without their hands, the Drzyr could accomplish nothing. " -Space Worker Gloves

1. At the bottom the Ofildi were overseen by House Rigol and made up the largest portion of the population. They were the worker class of the drzyr and while being seen lesser by the other drzyr did a majority of the work on N'erud and the arks.
2. The Phetyr were the warriors led by House M'ertal that trained and developed weapons in case the life they found was hostile. They only got to see actual combat once in their entire journey.
3. The Xul were lead by House Lythla and were the scientists of the Drzyr. They developed immensely powerful technologies such as pocket dimensions, life transfer, and the powerful engines that propelled N'erud.
4. Fourth are the Mali, also called Astropaths,taught by House Wek. They were trained to use the mind altering drug ambit ember to read the currents of space and guide N'Erud through space.
5. Fifth and finally we have the Seekers, part of House Al'Maruun. The Five Seekers acted as the governing body of the Drzyr, their role was to interpret the will of the people and guide the population towards its goal.