Fae Bruiser Ring

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Fae Bruiser Ring
Fae Bruiser Ring
Dealing Melee damage grants 2 Stacks of BULWARKIncreases damage resistance.

1 Stack: +7% DR
2 Stacks: +13% DR
3 Stacks: +18% DR
4 Stacks: +22% DR
5 Stacks: +25% DR
for 15s. Does not stack with itself.
The crystals of this ring grow on the Fae world like flowers, sprouting overnight and blooming for only days at a time. They must be plucked at a precise time of day, else the crystals crumble within hours.
“The imposter king is hauntingly beautiful. None can argue this. Yet their beauty belies a terrible strength that has left foes battered and broken.”

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