Low Yield Recovery Ring

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Low Yield Recovery Ring
Low Yield Recovery Ring
Killing an enemy regenerates 6% Max Health over 6s. Additional kills increase duration by 6s. Max 30s.
The crystal in this ring is actually a piece of the Drzyr homeworld, collected just as the star went nova. It is imbued with the concentrated death energies of an entire world.

You have no idea how that enables it to do what it does, but then the same could be said of everything here. It might as well be magic.
“Physical health was not valued by most houses. Drzyr use our minds to achieve our goals, and we live virtually forever. So long as our bodies did not fail us entirely, what did their exact status matter?

The Phetyr were the exception. They valued bodily health above nearly all other concerns.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]