Fae Protector Signet

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Fae Protector Signet
Fae Protector Signet
Increases Max Health and Stamina by 10 and Reduces Encumbrance by 5.
The Council has given out this signet only once every hundred years or so, and always at the behest of the One True King—to those who served to protect the Fae and the king's ideals.
“The One True King estabilished[sic] the Council, a body whose ostensible purpose is to guide and serve the Fae, but whose actions have served the needs of the king more often than not.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Obtained in Losomn - Council Chamber
    • Accuse the incorrect council member and then defeat the council
    • Obtaining this item locks you out of obtaining Ornate Blade in the instance

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