Offering Stone

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Offering Stone
Offering Stone
Dealing Ranged Damage increases all Damage by 1% for 1s. Stacks 15x. After killing an enemy, extends the duration to 10s.
This ring is reminiscent of a noose, and similar to a noose, it is positively ravenous for the extinguishing of souls. Yet no matter how many bodies are sacrificed on its morbid altar, its bloodlust is never satiated, and while you wear it, neither is yours.
“Though I have ever strived to keep my hands clean of blood—to as great an extent as is possible in my line of work, mind you—even I understand the necessity of sacrifice. Though I disagree with the Dran's method of undertaking such endeavors in dismal sewers, I can at least appreciate the diligence it takes to do whatever must be done to see one's schemes to fruition.”

Offering Stone is a ring that increases damage done after dealing ranged damage, extending the buff after killing an enemy.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]