Painless Obsidian

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Painless Obsidian
Painless Obsidian
When Grey Health is present gain HASTE+7% speed to the following actions:

Using consumables
Melee attacks
Mod casts
Skill casts
Charging weapons (bows, fusion rifles)
Firing weapons
Reloading weapons
Swapping weapons
Environmental traversal (vaulting, climbing, wading)
Movement (walking, sprinting, crouching)
Movement while aiming
and 1 stack of BULWARKIncreases damage resistance.

1 Stack: +7% DR
2 Stacks: +13% DR
3 Stacks: +18% DR
4 Stacks: +22% DR
5 Stacks: +25% DR
Dark gemstones protrude from the fleshy band of this ring. Whatever Fae designed it in this manner must have truly repulsive tastes, or at the very least harbor a grudge against the Fae whose flesh it was fashioned from.
“There are some Fae who cannot feel the sensation of pain at all. Though I'm no devotee of agony myself, I don't envy them one bit. Regrettably, a world without pain is far more dangerous than one otherwise. Why, come the darkness of night, I'd much rather be able to feel the blade in my back than not.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • Now provides 1 Stack of BULWARK while Grey Health is present (in addition to HASTE).