Fae Council

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The Fae Council—consisting of Savan, Oniril, and Nyelle—are the highest ranking law makers under the One True King. They have their seats just before the King's own throne in the Council Chamber.

When the Traveler meets them they are divided, as one of their own has aided the Imposter King in assassinating their previous monarch. They task the Traveler with aiding their investigation.

The Evidence[edit | edit source]

To advance the objective, the Traveler must first acquire the Assassin Dagger in the Council Tribunal.

At the bottom of its hilt, one of the Councilor's sigils is engraved, revealing the traitor. Return to the Council, accuse the correct one and show the evidence. The traitor will be executed, and the remaining two will reward the Ornate Blade.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Fae Council Knight
  • Damage25
  • Health600
  • icon15
  • icon15
  • icon0
  • icon-10

Withholding the evidence or accusing the wrong Councilor entirely has them all face the Traveler in battle.

In combat, the three Councilors behave identical to Golden Fae Knights with different stats. They will switch between melee and ranged combat, inflicting CURSE with both. Their numbers however mean that when one retreats, another will already press the attack.

Managing to defeat them all rewards the Fae Protector Signet.

The Awakened King[edit | edit source]

The Council cannot be met on the Forlorn Coast, as the Council Chamber has become the Chamber of the Faithless.

However, their impaled corpses can be found just before the One True King's throne. Shooting their bodies drops the Cost of Betrayal from one of them.