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The Seer and Shaper of the Fae. Can craft what can't be crafted. Once a loyal servant to The One True King. Fashioned the dagger that put him to slumber.
Nimue (Bound)
Nimue (Bound)
A traitor who once fashioned the dagger that put The One True King to slumber. Now bound awaiting her judgment.
“I am Nimue, artisan, seer, goddess of the Fae, and counselor to the One True King...or so I was.
Still, it is my gift to see what cannot be seen and to forge what cannot be forged.”
Nimue, meeting the Traveler for the first time

Nimue is a major character, found in Nimue's Retreat and captured in The Awakened King. She is the face of Remnant 2, acting as a prominent character in both the base game, even appearing on the cover art, and first released downloadable content. Upon first interaction, she may present herself as a potential boss encounter, though she does not combat the Traveler and, instead, offers valuable information and item crafting.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

“What is impossible to see, I percieve. What is impossible to fashion, I can forge. Such is my gift... and my curse.”
—Nimue, Seer and Shaper of the Fae

As an artisan, Nimue can craft several items for the Traveler.

Item Type Cost
One True King Sigil Amulet Faelin's Sigil
Faerin's Sigil
Rune Pistol Handgun Decrepit Rune
Tranquil Heart Relic Tormented Heart
Nimue's Ribbon Amulet Golden Ribbon
Silver Ribbon
Assassin's Dagger Melee weapon Assassin Dagger
Hex Ward Ring 5
Faerie Needle Consumable 1   200
True Crimson Crown Helmet Crimson Guard Shroud
Crown of the Red Prince

Quests[edit | edit source]

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