Nimue's Retreat

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Nimue's Retreat
Nimue's Retreat

Nimue's Retreat is a location found in Losomn, and is the home of Nimue, goddess of the Fae and major character of Remnant 2.

Upon first entering the location, Nimue will emerge from the lake in the center; on subsequent visits the goddess may be found sleeping and will only wake after being approached. The Traveler can interact with Nimue as she rests in her retreat, receiving relevant backstory on the respective storyline, as well as having the opportunity to acquire peculiar items of her making.

In the Asylum storyline, Nimue's Retreat is its own location that can be found through a door on the third floor of Morrow Sanatorium. Reaching this place is mandatory, as conversing with Nimue is the only way to enter the Forsaken Quarter.

In the Imposter King storyline, it is an optional part of the Beatific Palace instead, being located at the end of a hidden hallway.