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The Fae are the vicious, bloodthirsty inhabitants that was dumped into Losomn as a result of the world collision.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Fae are known for an overwhelming variety of physical characteristics, with very few similarities across the different types. Many physical characteristics are not universal, such as the four eyes present in most, but not all humanoid Fae. Some Fae are wildly different, such as the scions jaws emerging from the front of their torso or the Painless completely lacking eyes.

The Fae have an extremely powerful urge for violence, which they exercise with no consideration for others when they are left unsupervised. This has lead to them frequently killing many, including each other, with little to no provocation. Even when they were restrained by the One True King, they often found ways to kill each other. For instance, Fae knights frequently kill each other to be promoted up the ranks. In some cases this urge is so strong that it results in them rebelling against the King, which is where the Fae Impalers step in.

When they are shepherded towards more productive tasks, they have proven to be passionate craftsman, making beautiful works of art. In most cases they would still find ways to turn these pieces into dangerous traps. The One True King has on various occasions learned that his Feastmaster, once a renowned murderer, would sometimes serve him Fae meat.

Some Fae have found ways to overcome their destructive nature, resulting in certain outliers such a Nimue or the Bridge Keeper. Some Fae have also attempted to find a way to accept their urges and become rebels, leading to the Sarillians.

Notable Fae[edit | edit source]