Lore: The One True King

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The One True King
The One True King

The One True King is the Guardian of the Fae side of Losomn. His assassination is responsible for causing the world collision.

History with the Fae[edit | edit source]

The One True King predates the Fae, having been present at their inception. As the Guardian of the Fae's world, he sees it as his duty to safeguard the rest of the world from the Fae's bloodlust, a task which he takes to without much hope. Having found that the Fae will kill and destroy without reason, he has tried every method at his disposal to constrain the Fae to peaceful activities, but to no avail. Frequently he would find that every opportunity given to the Fae resulted in them slipping back towards their destructive tendencies. Chefs would use their fellows as the main course[1], knights would backstab each other to rise in rank.[2] In most cases it was found that the Fae slaughter each other purely for the joy of killing.[3] As a result, he has had to turn towards more violent methods of control such as assassinations and inquisitions. He places Fae he deems most dangerous in positions of power, so that he may better watch them, and frequently tempts them with traps so as to test their worthiness.[4] Despite this, he still loves the Fae and wishes he could be gentler with them.[1]

After some time, he fell in love with a Fae woman and fathered a child. This child would later become the Red Prince. As he grew, the Red Prince also became power-hungry. Eventually he would stage a failed coup, aided by powerful curse magic and his own sub-faction or royal knights. He lost his arm as punishment for this attempt on his father's position, though the One True King could not bring himself to harm his child more.[5]

Events on the Fae world came to a head when the Imposter King, aided by Nimue and the Fae Councilors, would "slay" the One True King. While the Imposter refers to this as an assassination, in truth the dagger Nimue had crafted only put the Guardian to sleep. This event triggered the world collision and violently smashed both Fae and Dran worlds together.

The Awakened King[edit | edit source]

In the Awakened King DLC, Nimue has cured the King of his sleep. As a result of Root corruption that has snuck into the Guardian during his weakened state, the King goes mad, losing trust in all Fae. He finds new trust in the Dran of Losomn, who now flock to him in droves.

The Dran's affinity for the One True King may be in part due to their own ability to "see" the Root effecting him, and their tendency towards entropic or dark designs. In several cases we see that Dran thoughts align more with the Root's influence than that of the One True King himself.[6][7]