Broken Heart

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Broken Heart
Broken Heart
Innate 50% Use Speed Bonus. Passively grants or removes 2 Health per sec until Health reaches 50%. On use, sets Health to 50%.

Not affected by other healing items or perks.
Downloadable content required
This content is only available to owners of: Remnant II: The Awakened King
A once tranquil heart, now withered by the ravages of vengeance. Your own heart is stabbed with pangs of guilt when you look at it, but you know you did what must be done, and so you'll deal with that feeling and reap your ill-gotten reward all the same.
“For those who have the stomach for it, there is no force more powerful than that of a shattered spirit or broken heart. Pure, unadulterated agony such as that can be manipulated, harvested, and repurposed to whatever end you please. Not that I have firsthand knowledge of such practices, of course...”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • No longer causes long black screen after death while equipped.
  • Increased speed of health application.
  • Health application is no longer affected by external modifiers.
  • Added passive -2 health degeneration while above 50% health.