Silver Ribbon

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Silver Ribbon
Silver Ribbon
Increases Skill damage by 25%. Activating a Skill grants HASTE+7% speed to the following actions:

Using consumables
Melee attacks
Mod casts
Skill casts
Charging weapons (bows, fusion rifles)
Firing weapons
Reloading weapons
Swapping weapons
Environmental traversal (vaulting, climbing, wading)
Movement (walking, sprinting, crouching)
Movement while aiming
for 15s.
A Fae wedding ribbon, used ceremonially to symbolize the binding of two souls together.

Some couples use it for less ceremonial purposes as well.
“Marriage between Fae is a... contractual concept. When two Fae agree that they would provide more benefit to each other together than apart, then their lives are bonded...

for a time, at least—until the basis for said agreement is no longer valid.”

Silver Ribbon is an amulet that increases skill damage and grants haste upon skill activation.

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