Ionic Crystal

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Ionic Crystal
Crafting Material
Ionic Crystal
Ionic crystals are common in nature- salt, for example- yet each has its own unique conductive and absorptive properties. These crystals, for example, seem to muffle kinetic energy, hardly bouncing even when dropped.

Seems like that could be a useful property.
“All Drzyr acquire a basic education in molecular and atomic physics, creating new and exciting compounds as easly as their first half-century of life. To the Drzyr, rearranging protons and electrons is as simple as reorganizing one's bedchambers.”

Uses[edit | edit source]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • N'Erud, Timeless Horizon, inside an unmarked tower unconnected to any dungeons. This is the same tower where you can acquire the Override Pin.
    • Ride an elevator found on the ground floor until reaching a room that resembles the ones where you normally find a Seeker's Key. The Ionic Crystal will be located at the top of the staircase.