Override Pin

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Override Pin
Quest Item
Override Pin
Centuries ago, after the Custodian turned on the Drzyr, the Seekers took extra steps to ensure their own creations would never betray them again—at least not of their own accord.
“The Drzyr do nothing without contingency plans. Even our fail-safes have fail-safes. Seekers, Astropaths, Engineers, Phetyr—each was created to watch the other. Even within N'Erud, both the Custodian and the Core have contingencies of their own. Nothing is left to chance...

...or wasn't before Alepsis-Taura.”

Uses[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Using this item will prevent you from returning to N'Erud during your campaign.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • N'Erud, Timeless Horizon. Can be found inside an unmarked tower unconnected to any dungeons.
    • Ride the elevator to the top of the structure, until reaching a room that looks like where a Seeker's Key usually resides. At the top of the staircase you will find the Ionic Crystal. Instead of ascending the staircase, turn right and head down a secret passage. Continue forward and ascend an elevator. Continue following this path and descend the next elevator. The Override Pin will be found lying next to a decapitated Hollowed Drzyr and an audio log.