Magister Dullain

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Magister's Minions
Magister's Minions
  • Damage20
  • Health60
  • icon0
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Magister Dullain is a powerful Fae Scion lurking in the depths of the Shattered Gallery. A unique feature of his is a long barbed tongue, which he employs in a number of attacks.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Inititally Dullain has only a limited set of abilities. From afar he will either throw a ball of FAERIE FIRE from his lantern, or rear up to spew streams of CORROSIVE acid, exposing his weakspot in the process. If pressed into melee, he will a swipe with his staff, which despite the sluggish windup moves surprisingly quickly.
Sometimes he will lean back, extending the tongue into the air and using it to slash the space in front of him. This will also spread some additional puddles of acid.

The acid can be ignited, bursting into patches of FAERIE FIRE. If the Magister himself is BURNING, any acid he spews will ignite immediately, quickly turning the arena into a veritable lake of fire.

After roughly 50s, Dullain will be reinforced by special Fae Soldiers, up to two at once. They lack the normal versions capacity for flight. The reinforcements will be replenished roughly every 25s.

Unlike the base Scion, he will never attempt to throw his lantern. It is never armored, but shattering it requires 35% of his maximum health dealt directly to it. Successfully doing so disables his fire ball, and with it his only access to FAERIE FIRE. He also shares his kin's immunity against the CORRODED status.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

At 75% health remaining he will gain one of his standout abilities: his corpse throw. He will slam his staff on the ground and levitate several Fae corpses into the air. Every few moments on of the corpses will freeze, then hurl towards the Traveler.
Any Fae Soldiers in the arena will be killed during the initial slam, and added as more projectiles.

Once brought down to 40% health, he will gain what is probably his most dangerous attack: He extends his tongue and charges towards a target, stopping a small distance short. He slings the tongue forward, impaling his target and dealing immense damage. Death to this attack bypasses the downed state and any type of revives.

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