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Venom is a boss in Remnant 2 found within the static world of Root Earth. Rewards the material used to craft the Skewer 2.0 mod when killed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Venom is a challenging Boss for most people because of his fast aggressive melee pattern, his attacks deal massive damage, and it is difficult to evade all of them.

Venom is a Melee based boss with his body being damage resistant against physical damage except for his heart which is his weakspot and slightly around has a normal hitbox without any damage reduction. What that means is to deal good damage to him with bullets or melee he needs to phase the Traveler which often leads to an attack which the Traveler needs to avoid as well.

Venom has 7 different attacks and a unique arena feature.

Sword slash[edit | edit source]

Venom swings the sword at you with slash attack and after that makes 360 degrees turn and performs a wave attack in all directions.

Sword throw[edit | edit source]

Venom aims his sword at you by pulling it back a bit (for 1 second) and throwing it right after. This attack takes 2 to 3 seconds depending on where you are in the arena, once the sword lands, he will charge to it pick it up and slam it into the ground dealing damage around him (only happens if airborne).

Corrupted trapper puddle[edit | edit source]

Venom charges his sword with corrupter energy and throws a slow-moving ball at your position, once it reached the ground it will leave a puddle which damages anyone moving into it until that Entity Leaves the circle (Only happens if airborne).

Double/Triple sword dash[edit | edit source]

Venom's most used attack is a dash towards the player with his sword, this happens depending on the phase he is in, 2-3 times in a row. Venom will fly towards the Traveler and once close enough he will charge at the current target. The phase switch is around 60%-70% remaining HP.

Ground eruption[edit | edit source]

Venom will pull his weapon all the way back and charge it, after 1.50 seconds he will slam his weapon on the ground making Staves appear in a triangle form away from him also 2 corrupted puddles will appear.

Corrupted projectiles[edit | edit source]

Venom will shoot 3 Corrupted Projectiles at the targeted Traveler. Those projectiles have a chance to be explosive and will explode after a short delay, this happens once Venom has less than 60% HP.

Corrupted lasers[edit | edit source]

Venom will charge dark energy while holding his weapon upright, once fully charged he will turn it 180 degrees and smash it into the ground detonating red lasers, after the first animation he will pull it back out and smash it again up to five times.

Venom's staff[edit | edit source]

While fighting Venom many of those staves will appear in the arena over time, once they shot their projectile they will disappear shortly after. These can be destroyed to prevent them from shooting projectiles. Destroying those staves can grant ammunition. Being too close to staves triggers an area of effect attack which deals massive damage.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Since Venom is a melee based boss keeping distance gives you the greatest chance of survivability. You need to watch out for your stamina and his location. Using the structures to get more distance can help a lot but he can fly over them so always keep an eye on him. In case he reaches you the best way to avoid his attacks are neutral evades.

Sword slash[edit | edit source]

For this attack he will charge at the target with his sword, once in range he will swing it in a 360 turn. Perform a neutral evade once the blade reaches his shoulder, after that he will cast a 360 turn into an area of effect wave which you should evade once you see the first glowing part appear.

Sword throw[edit | edit source]

Once you see him pulling his sword back or more up to his shoulder pay attention and roll to any direction except backwards which can lead to a hit on you. After that get some distance but don't worry too much since the area effect of the slam is not too big.

Corrupted trapper puddles[edit | edit source]

Those puddles are easily to avoid, once you see them appearing immediately get distance to that spot so he cannot force you back in there by any means, try walking around the structures to block his reach.

Double/Triple sword dash[edit | edit source]

The first two dashes are easily avoidable by either evading into him or twice to the left or right, the third one is a bit delayed but can also be avoided by dodging in any direction. Be patient and keep an eye on your stamina bar.

Ground eruption[edit | edit source]

This ability is the hardest to evade and takes getting used to. These spears will form in a triangle form away from him so depending on your distance to him this timing can change. If you are near him, try to evade out of that area by rolling past him, otherwise roll towards once the sword edge hits the ground.

Corrupted projectiles[edit | edit source]

Venom will Throw 3 Projectiles at you in a small cone, this attack happens no matter if he flies or is on the ground, it can also happen if he is not even looking at you so be careful. You will hear a sound cue, evading into any direction will let you avoid the attack. If they are explosive, they will detonate shortly after hitting target or the ground which can also be avoided by evading.

Corrupted lasers[edit | edit source]

Once you see Venom charging black energy towards his swords stay focused as he is about to perform one of his strongest attacks. This attack makes him slam his word into the ground to detonate existing laser in the arena, you can avoid most of them by walking or simply gaining distance from Venom. Evading these lasers can a bit tricky since you do need to look out for your stamina, his animation and get the timing right which is around 0.5 seconds after the laser spawns, he will repeat this attack 4 to 5 times.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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