The Astropath

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The Astropath is a many armed fusion of several lesser Phantoms, who still haunts N'Erud's navigational systems. Rewards a material used to craft the Helix mod when killed.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Initially, the Astropath possesses only a limited moveset.

At range, it will hurl projectiles at the Traveler. Every now and again, it will draw close for a single swing around itself. To pull back it dodges, leaving 2 projectiles behind—these will fire after a short delay, but can be destroyeed by the Traveler beforehand.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

At 90% health, the Astropath will begin possessing the hologram in the center of the arena, taking the shape of a glowing orb. This begins a string of attacks, pulling from two abilities:

  • The first is a large burst outwards, telegraphed by a red pulsing of the orb.
  • The second is indicated first by a blue glow beneath the orb, then a spinning purple hologram covering slices of the arena. After a short moment the hologram slows down and turns orange, damaging anyone caught within.

The maximum length of the sequence increases as the fight progresses further.

Upon reaching 70% health remaining, its melee swing will be followed by the same delayed projectiles as its dodge, necessitating increased awareness.

It may also release a weaker Astropath every now and then, a special Stasis Phantom capable of only their cross slash attack. Only two can be active at once.

At 65% health, it will retreat into the ground, darkening the room and splitting into several lesser Astropaths—this time a version for the Tower Phantom. While the lesser versions can be killed, they will be immediately respawn.
After a short duration, it merge again and reappear.

From now on, it will also be able to release orange Astropaths during the hologram possession phases.

With 50% health depleted, it gains a psychic minefield akin to that of a Stasis Phantom, summoning two waves of delayed explosives from the ground.

If the burst is the final attack during a posession phase, it may do a slightly changed version. Instead of releasing only one wave, it may do two in quick succession, with the second having no charging sound.

For the final 40% of its health it also gains a second melee attack, a repeated clawing of the space in front of it.

The double burst may also occur in the middle of possession phases, instead of just at the end.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]