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Most Phantoms on N'Erud can possess other Drzyr enemies, healing the target and cleansing it of status effects, while also enhancing their abilites—sometimes even granting new ones.

  • Riot Sentinel - rushes towards a target to self-destruct in a large explosion
  • Heavy Riot Sentinel - increases the number of rockets fired in its Barrage ability
  • Repair Service Drone - increases the number of projectiles fired per shot and replaces the OVERLOAD bomb ability with a lingering SHOCK sphere
  • Welder Drone - grants it the ability to spray FIRE projectiles in a wide cone, leaving BURNING patches
  • Custodian Eye (Elite) - leaves BURNING patches with its forward sweep
  • Custodian Eye (Stasis) - fires multiple SHOCK fields at once
  • Cloaked Engineering Drone - invisibility teleports have no travel time
  • Shielded Engineering Drone - releases a staggering scream with its shield OVERLOAD. Small Drones fire slow multiple slow moving projectiles at once
  • Hollowed Drzyr - continuously leaves puddles of SUPPRESSION fluid in its path, and explodes in a forceful burst upon death
  • Hollowed Psyker - increases the amount of debris they can hold before restocking, and lets their projectile leave a puddle of SUPPRESSION fluid on impact
  • Hollowed Abomination - slams create short ranged projectiles.

The Astropath is not capable of possessing enemies, and instead possesses part of its arena.

Another characteristic common to all Phantoms is their weakspot, which—although vulnerable—is invisible unless exposed to a lightsource such as the Flashlight or the Lodestone Crown.