Custodian Eye (Elite)

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Custodian Eye (Elite)
Custodian Eye (Elite)
  • Damage25
  • Health1000
  • icon50
  • icon15
  • icon-15
  • icon-15

Custodian Eyes are flying drones that use powerful energy weaponry.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Custodian Eye primarily uses a beam from its central eye to attack, sweeping it back and forth. Occasionally, it will do a third sweep, firing forward starting from underneath itself.

Between beam attacks, it will fire up to three bursts of arcing energy grenades. The Eye can easily adjust its firing direction mid burst, so it should be avoided by strafing first and only dodging towards the end.

On the rare occasion a Phantom possesses a Custodian Eye, it may skip to the forward sweep as the second beam attack, which will now leave BURNING patches.

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