Abyssal Rift

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The Abyssal Rift is a desolate wasteland patrolled by masterless machines, and serves as the first overworld for the "Soulsparks" storyline.

Description[edit | edit source]

After leaving the Forgotten Prison, the Traveler will find themselves in the Abyssal Rift, a radiation blasted desert surrounded by lethal contaminated fog. In the far north of the area, the Ascension Spire can be seen, which is guaranteed to be the point of interest for this area. Aside from that location's innate functions, the Custodian gifts 5 Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsules in this storyline, tasking the Traveler with slaying Tal'Ratha and acquiring the Shining Essence Echo.

In the east, right next to the Spire, a random side dungon can be found. In the west, just as close, lies the boss dungeon for this area, leading towards the Eon Vault.

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Side Paths[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Side dungeon