Fragrant Thorn

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Fragrant Thorn
Fragrant Thorn
Increases Status Effect Damage by 20%. Inflicting 4 or more unique Negative Status Effects on a target applies EXPOSED for 15s.

EXPOSED: Target receives 15% additional damage from all sources.

Fragrant Thorn is an amulet that increases status effect damage and applies Exposed.

Glowing flowers adorn this massive thorn, disguising the dangers of the much smaller thorns protruding from its vine. You can’t help but wonder what might happen to you if you pricked your finger on its no doubt venomous point.
“There are rumors of dangerous flowers that grow only in the deepest reaches of Yaesha, so beautiful that they lure mindless beasts straight into their thorns. A truly capable adventurer understands that even the most absurd rumors often contain a seed of truth.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]