Soul Feast

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Soul Feast
Soul Feast
When a Human, Companion, or Minion is downed or killed, reduce Skill Cooldowns by 8%.
This ornate ring is crowned with a red stone, almost as though it’s stained with the blood of fallen allies. As dark as it may be, that thought spurs you to action and gives you the determination to forgo rest until every drop has been avenged.
“My wretched life in Yaesha was marred by the sting of loneliness, a soul-deep isolation that I could not allow myself to fully acknowledge, for fear it would consume from within. If there had been anyone to confide in, or even just a willing ear to listen... Ro’thinderahenwalt’s castaway soul might have been saved.”

Soul Feast is a ring that reduces skill cooldowns when allies are downed or killed.

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