Leaking Gemstone

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Leaking Gemstone
Leaking Gemstone
Allows 20% of Mod Power Generation to continue during an active mod.
The inlaid stone is cracked down the middle, and from the fracture, a strange arcane energy seeps out. It likely belonged to a highly skilled Fae magister.
“The Dran have made laughable attempts at magic during my observances of them, through bizarre rituals and nonsensical concoctions. It's purely absurdity, nothing at all like the real thing. In that way—among countless others—the Dran will never rival the Fae.”

Leaking Gemstone is a ring in Remnant 2 that allows weapon mods to continue generating power even during their use, potentially allowing permanent uptime.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This ring is especially useful on guns with powerful buff mods, like Nightfall, Crescent Moon, and Plasma Cutter, allowing them to benefit from much better mod uptime without a great deal of investment.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]