Thalos Eyelet

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Thalos Eyelet
Thalos Eyelet
Grants 1 stack of BULWARKIncreases damage resistance.

1 Stack: +7% DR
2 Stacks: +13% DR
3 Stacks: +18% DR
4 Stacks: +22% DR
5 Stacks: +25% DR
and 2 Stamina Regen per second for each BULWARK stack. Increases BULWARK maximum stacks to 6.
Though the precious gemstone is still intact, empty holes puncture the band, signifying that whatever cord this ring was once strung upon split long ago. Thus it was likely separated from a larger, matching piece.
“It is said that King Kolket left no heir, but every Pan youngling grew up hearing legends of a long-lost prince who went missing during their dangerous voyage across the Dark Sea. Tragically, many young, tenderhoofed explorers met untimely demises searching for proof of his existence.”

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Update History[edit | edit source]

  • This item was added to the game.