Gul Signet

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Gul Signet
Gul Signet
Increases Damage Reduction by 10%. Each Weight Class above LIGHT reduces Damage Reduction bonus by 2.5% (up to 3x).
The crown of this ring bears the image of a proud Red Widow, but at some point in time, deep scratches formed down its center. There’s no way of knowing whether the defacement was made intentionally or otherwise.
“Even in the Land That Was, the Gul were wary of the power wielded by the Red Widows. The Widows served the king as practitioners of the sacred arts of medicine. Their leaders were called Widow Mothers, and as the sacred governors of flesh and lifeblood, it is said they demanded as much, if not more, respect than the king’s queen.”

Gul Signet is a ring in Remnant 2. It reduces incoming damage for lightly armored Travelers.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • Added to the game.