Closed Loop

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Closed Loop
Closed Loop
Gain 5% of Max Health as SHIELD for 10s after a Charged Shot. Accumulation resets after 10s of inaction. Max 25% SHIELD.
The coils twist in a seemingly endless spiral in which one feeds into the other, forever continuing the cycle, much like a pair of gravitationally bound stars.
“The Drzyr were a self-perpetuating civilization and N'Erud itself a self-sustaining cradle of life. It could withstand forces greater than those that ravaged our home planet. Greater than any force in the universe.

So, we thought.”

Closed Loop is a ring in Remnant 2 that accumulates shield after each Charged Shot up to a maximum based on health, obtained as a random drop throughout N'Erud.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]