Ascension Spire

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Ascension Spire
Point of Interest
Ascension Spire
Its only occupant is the mysterious Custodian. Hides secrets below.

The Ascension Spire is the point of interest for the first overworld of any given N'Erud storyline. It is a massive statue holding a white orb aloft, and serves as the home for the Custodian.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ascension Spire can be easily identified from afar, towering high above the surrounding wasteland. Within, the Custodian can be found, who will give task depending on the storyline, and reward the Traveler upon completion.

The tower has an underground part, accessed through a hole behind the first statue on the left of the entrance. This leads to a small chamber where the Drzyr Replicator can be found, a crafting station giving access to unqiue items. The elevator on the right leads even deeper into the structure, into a large room containing the AI core.

A hidden passage on the right conceals the Escalation Circuit. Furthermore, there is a chance for additional rewards.

Sometimes, one or two memory cores are missing from the AI core, which coincides with energy barriers locking off sections of the corridor behind it. The cores can be found in specific side dungeons, which will have generated somewhere in the world:

Inserting one of the two unlocks the Core Booster amulet, while inserting both allows the Traveler to also claim the Pulse Rifle.

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