Black Spinel

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Black Spinel
Black Spinel
Applying a Negative Status Effect grants 2% Max Health per second for 3s. Applying or refreshing a Negative Status Effect while buff is active will increase the duration by 1.5s. Max 15s.
The prongs of this ring force open the unblinking eye in its center, compelling it to gaze upon the world and accept its truths, however heinous.
“The Dran make for easy prey, given their unwillingness to open their eyes to the horrors of reality. Such poor, precious things! In the times of eld, we Fae preyed upon one another, but now, thanks to the Dran, there's seldom need for that.”

Black Spinel is a ring in Remnant 2 that offers sustainable healing for status effect users like the Ritualist, applying an extendable heal when applying a negative status effect. Added in The Forgotten Kingdom as a random drop throughout Losomn.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]