Ring Of Ordnance

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Ring Of Ordnance
Ring Of Ordnance
Allows Heavy Weapon Ammo to gradually regenerate while in both Heavy Carry or Turret modes. Doubles the stowed Ammo Regeneration Rate of Heavy Weapons.
The crest of this ring resembles a popular N'Erudian turret. It was worn by the Xul to further augment and customize the weapons they designed, and many engineers were exceptionally finicky about their preferred specifications.
“When the first Custodian urned the machines against us, we sought the Phetyr for salvation instead of the Xul. House Lythla was utterly humbled. Their engineers took precious care to fashion new inventions with greater fail-safes from then on, fearing both another rebellion and the ire of their humiliated leaders.”
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Ring Of Ordnance is a ring in Remnant 2 that enables passive ammo regeneration for Heavy Weapons and improves base ammo regeneration speed while they are stowed.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]