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Shrewd is a powerful Root Wraith guarding the path through the The Expanding Glade.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Shrewd will initially attack from one of the three raisedplatforms on the arena's edge, bombarding the Traveler with explosive ROOT ROT arrows, or taking aim to release a double shot. Whichever platform it currently occupies will be illuminated by a bright Root growth.

At times, it will hurl its bladed bow down at the Traveler, before teleporting towards the weapon. On the lower level of the arena it uses two different types of melee attacks:

  • A single swing after rolling forward. This strike has extended reach.
  • Up to three spinning strikes, moving towards the Traveler all the while.

Shrewd will return to the platforms generally after two melee attacks.

After reaching 80% health, Shrewd will periodically retreat. During this time, eight Root fruits will fall from the canopy above. After impacting the ground, they will rise into the air and hatch into one Root Infected each . They are immensely fragile however, and can be destroyed by any damage, or even by touching them while they are still close to the ground.

Higher Difficulties[edit | edit source]

On Veteran difficulty and above, if Shrewd is below 75% health it can resume its attack much sooner after summoning Root Infected—potentially even before any fruits have burst yet.

Rewards[edit | edit source]