Mother Mind

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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Despite the visual similarity to other Root Flyers, Mother Mind does not behave very similar. It begins the battle with two different types of attack: It may rake the platform, hitting the outer edge before dragging its claw inwards. This can either be from a single limb, or both in sequence. The other attack is an earthshaking roar, calling down debris from above. Dust will rain down to telegraph the impact sites.

At 90% health, it will start using a spin attack, hitting the inner edges of the arena. This can be dodged close, but the safer way is retreating towards the outer parts.

Depleting its health down to 77.5% triggers a special version of its roar: the creature rises up before smashing down onto a section of the arena, staggering the Traveler unless dodged. It will do a second slam, fully destroying the segment of the arena. If the Traveler did not evacuate to a different section of the arena, they will die from the fall, requiring resurrection at a worldstone. The remaining sections will be hit by falling debris.
This move will be repeated at 55% and 35% health, until only one quarter of the arena remains.

Both the arena destruction as well as subsequent normal roars will summon reinforcements in the form of one Root Flyer and one Teleporting Root Flyer.

After the first destroyed section, Mother Mind will also begin using a spit attack, covering patches of the arena in damaging fluid. It should be noted that the fluid counts as an environmental hazard rather than enemy damage.

On the final quarter of the arena, her reinforcements will fully consist of Teleporting Root Flyers.

Apocalypse difficulty[edit | edit source]

On Apocalypse difficulty, its behavior is slightly changed, already giving it access to all its normal abilities on the first segment of the arena. In particular, its very first move upon entering the arena is the spit attack.

Rewards[edit | edit source]