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“Behold the fine treasures Dwell has to offer a paxultek like yourself.”
—Dwell, offering his wares to the Traveler

Sa'isracthadwell, more commonly known by his paxultek name Dwell, is a Pan vendor found in Ward 13. He deals in Ahanae crystals, a powerful source of energy native to the jungles of Yaesha. Dwell can harness the energies of these crystals, and others like them, to empower the Traveler's equipment.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Dwell can use Relic Dust to craft Relic Fragments. Though you can specify the type, the actual fragment received is random.

Item Type Cost
Red Relic Fragment[1] Relic Fragment 15
Blue Relic Fragment[1] Relic Fragment 15
Yellow Relic Fragment[1] Relic Fragment 15

Shop[edit | edit source]

In addition to his other services, Dwell can sell several Mutators to the Traveler.

Item Type Cost
Battery Mutator 75, 500
Deadly Calm Mutator 75, 500
Dervish Mutator 75, 500
Feedback Mutator 75, 500
Harmonizer Mutator 75, 500
Resentment Mutator 75, 500
Shielded Strike Mutator 75, 500
Slayer Mutator 75, 500
Weaponlord Mutator 75, 500
Fetid Wounds Mutator 75, 500
Tainted Blade Mutator 75, 500
Processed Koara[1] Consumable Koara Pellet, 500

Corrupted weapons[edit | edit source]

Dwell can use Corrupted Shards to craft Corrupted Weapons. Additionally, he can purge their Corruption and return them to their original form.

Input Output Cost
Corrupted Meridian Meridian 1
Meridian Corrupted Meridian 10
Corrupted Rune Pistol Rune Pistol 1
Rune Pistol Corrupted Rune Pistol 10
Corrupted Aphelion Aphelion 1
Aphelion Corrupted Aphelion 10
Corrupted Merciless Merciless 1
Merciless Corrupted Merciless 10
Corrupted Deceit Deceit 1
Deceit Corrupted Deceit 10

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Dwell and Uuqul share the same voice actor.

References[edit | edit source]

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