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The Bloat King is a titanic Bloat specimen, which has made its nest in The Great Sewers.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Bloat King spends the entire fight attached to the ceiling, rarely attacking directly.

Instead, it sends out an orb, which will continously target the Traveler with slow moving homing projectiles. As long as the orb is present, the Bloat King is armored. Some of the projectiles are destructible bombs, exploding in a larger radius. Their release is accompanied by a sound cue, and when close to the Traveler they take on a much more spherical appearance.

The orb can be damaged to shatter its shell, exposing the Bloat King's weakspot. Once exposed, all damage done to the weakspot is dealt to the Bloat King. The shell also appears to decay by itself over time.

As the fight progresses however, the creature will also release a less durable decoy shell, which attacks, but does not contain a weakspot. The real deal can be identified by a red flicker when it is damaged. Shattering the real weakspot automatically shatters the decoy, but not the other way around.

Roughly every 36s, the Bloat King recalls the orbs, and attacks directly. It will charge itself with electricity, before releasing it with a distinct sound cue. The first variant is an instant shock, but it can also fire a continuous beam that follows the Traveler over the platforms. After a few attacks, it will release a new set of orbs and retreat into one of the ceiling drains to reposition.

The lower level of the arena provides cover from most of its attacks, but it is filled with lesser Bloats of either variant. Furthermore, climbing the ladder back up to the upper level almost guarantees getting hit by the Bloat King's projectiles. It should be noted that the Green Bloats in the arena will not use their ranged attacks, placing the upper platform outside their reach.

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