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In addition to suffering regular damage from shots almost all enemies in Remnant II have weakspots and many also have Armored locations. Some enemies use armor to obscure their weakspot, in these cases the armor is often destructible.

Weakspots[edit | edit source]

Weakspots are the most vulnerable parts of the enemy's body. Damage to weakspots are multiplicative providing a massive boost to total damage.

Damage numbers to weakspots use a red prompt. Weakspot Critical hits use a dark red prompt.

The default weakspot damage is +100% but can vary depending on the source. Different weapons, for example, have a different weak spot damage bonus. This may be noticeably high for certain weapons such as Assassin's Dagger, while others may not be able to directly hit weakspots, such as Enigma, and may not list the value in its stated stats.

Weakspot damage can be modified with skills, perks, and trinkets, note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Certain enemies such as Armored Root Horror or Armored Fae Soldier wear armor to protect their body. Damage numbers to armor use a gray prompt.

Damage dealt to armored locations is reduced depending on the enemy:

  • Fae Impalers take 20% reduced damage to their armored head, body, and legs.
  • Sunken Jumpers take 50% reduced damage to their armored flesh.

Destructible Armor[edit | edit source]

Some enemies have destructible armor that breaks after sustaining enough damage, often revealing their weakspot.

  • Gwendil: The Unburnt wears an armored helmet reducing damage taken by 50%, after dealing 12.5% of boss' Health damage to it will break off revealing her weakspot.
  • Bruin, Blade of the King wears armor on his abdomen reducing damage taken by 5%, after suffering 10% of boss' Health damage to it will break revealing his weakspot.