The Sunken Witch

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“Legend has it that the Sunken Witch has a number of calling cards. First, a mirthless laugh that is often the last thing her victims hear. Second, an anchor she acquired from a ship after bludgeoning its crew to death. Lastly, a complete lack of mercy, which is why there are only legends rather than firsthand accounts of the sea witch.”

Behavior[edit | edit source]

At long ranges, the Witch will break into a sprint. She may chain directly into an uppercut with her anchor, followed by an overhead strike. Once closer she can do a simple left-right-swing. The last of her initial abilities is a double overhead strike, with the second being delayed as well as having longer reach.

At the start of the battle, most of the arena is blocked off by destructible walls, leaving only the central corridor. Baiting the Witch into demolishing the barriers will grant much more space to evade her attacks.

Small groups of Losomn Rats unendingly scurry through the arena, dropping ammunition when killed.

Fight Progression[edit | edit source]

At 75% remaining health, the Witch will climb onto the wooden structures, sprinting away. 6 Witch Pigs will drop into the arena and begin attacking the Traveler. Before long, the Witch will return from a random direction, heralded by her manic cackling.

She will introduce the Traveler to a newly unlocked attack, repeatedly swinging the anchor around herself, continously moving towards her target. On the eigth turn, she will end the sequence with an overhead strike.

Once brought down to 50%, she will climb up again, but only summoning 1 pig instead of 6. Rather than retreating, she will immediately leap down again, attempting to smash the Traveler with her anchor.

At 40% she will summon another wave of pigs, retreating and repositioning.

Rewards[edit | edit source]