The Nightweaver

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“Alas, dear sister, though dreams were ever your expertise, they brought you little joy. Imagined shadows, half-heard whispers in the dark, shivers in the blood... In[sic] these, your passion and talent had always lain.

It seems so obvious now.”

The Fae Goddess of Dreams and sister to Nimue, The Nightweaver became a predatory monster in the wake of the twining of the worlds. She is the World Boss of the Asylum storyline.

To challenge her, the Traveler must acquire the Soulkey Tribute in the Fae boss dungeon of the Forsaken Quarter, then offer it to the cocoon in the Morrow Sanatorium basement. Doing so opens the way into the Tormented Asylum where the twisted goddess awaits.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

The first phase of the battle occurs in the ront yard of the Tormented Asylum. She will roam the arena even before starting the battle, so her position is slightly randomized.

Ranged attacks:

  • The Nightweaver summons 4 hovering projectiles before sending them forward. The Traveler will be staggered if too close during the summon.
  • At 85 % health, the Nightweaver dodges to the side, leaving 4 projectiles in her wake. They home in on the Traveler after a short delay.
  • Whenever staggered, the Nightweaver will retaliate with a barrage of arcing projectiles.

Melee attacks:

  • The Nightweaver dives down, embedding her claw in the ground. After a short delay, she rips it upwards.
  • The Nightweaver rushes towards the Traveler, frantically swinging her claws. Once close, she rises into the air and slams down, knocking down the Traveler.
  • Foes behind her are targeted by a simply strike with her claw.

At less than 80% health she will begin using her summon ability: She becomes stationary and exposes her heart, sending forth up to 4 spider-like minions. They explode if they touch the Traveler, can be destroyed by shooting or dodging through them.

  • The Heart is her only weakspot. Inflicting enough damage (roughly 35% of her total health) cripples it, turning the Nightweaver into her spectral form and disabling her summon ability.

Once her healthbar is depleted, the Nightweaver falls to the ground. Approaching her sees initiates the second phase.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

The second half of the battle occurs inside the building, with the Nightweaver's health fully restored. Instead of levitating, she will now crawl low to the ground.

Here, her attacks will be more directly aggressive.

  • The Nightweaver raises a claw, before leaping at the Traveler.
  • The Nightweaver slams her claws down twice in succession. This attack is often followed immediately by one of her other attacks.
  • Sometime she will dive forward, leaving several projectiles floating in place. She rises behind them before leaping at the Traveler, with the projectiles following.
  • Alternatively she will will dive backwards, sending delayed projectiles without herself leaping.

Periodically she will teleport, crawling into the ground or walls. This purges her of status effects, and gives her access to a grab attack: getting too close to the walls will see her emerge and slam the Traveler into the surface repeatedly. Death to this attack bypasses the downed state and any other type of revives.

At 85% health she will once again gain a summoning ability. She will teleport away, and cling to the ceiling in the vicinity to hide. Roughly every 8s she will expose her heart and send forth three Minions. If left alone, she will create three waves, but the ability can be cancelled by finding and attacking her. This ability has a cooldown of about 80s.

Below 60% health, she gains an attack where she claws the space in front of her repeatedly.

A final attack, used while below 50% health, initially has a similar animation as the previous. Jerking upright, she dashes forward with her heart glowing, swiping at the Traveler after a short delay. If they survive, the Nightweaver enters an animation that has her drain health from her target, restoring up to 20% of her health over several seconds, while also healing her heart. She can however be knocked away by summons or other allies.

Hitting her in the middle of certain attacks (the drain grab, projectile leap and leaping claw strike) causes her to be flung backwards, giving the Traveler some space.

Her spectral form changes her behavior slightly, to compensate for lockig her out of her summon ability:

  • The drain grab is available to her much earlier, at 80% health and below. Getting hit has her restore her heart, returning her to her base form—even if she is knocked away by others.
  • At 70%, she will spawn a pair of Minions everytime she re-emerges from a teleport.
  • Her repeated claw attack also only requires her to be at 70% instead of 60%.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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