Kaeula's Shadow

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“The Root have exacted a grave toll on all of Yaesha. There are none, not even among the powerful and eternal, who can say they have not lost someone.”

Kaeula's Shadow is a once a nature spirit revered by the Pan, a twisted Root Horror that rewards a material used to craft the Rootlash mod.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Kaeula's Shadow is fought in the central courtyard of her temple. The terrain is flooded, with deep puddles reducing movement to a slow wading. Red plant growth however reveals shallow areas where normal walking is possible. The water also means that, de facto, Kaeula is immune to the BURNING status effect.

Kaeula mostly behaves like the standard Root Horror, with a burrowing charge, a tendril thrust, and a three hit combo; although the last attack lacks a chance to inflict BLEED. She also has an additional attack where she quickly turns around, knocking over targets with her tendril arms.

The tendril snare does not trap the Traveler, and is instead replaced by the summoning of a short-lived tentacle that performs a single attack.

Upon reaching 70% health remaining, Kaeula will burrow into the ground, and summon 4 tentacles, which need to be killed before the boss can be attacked again. Once all are killed, Kaeula resurfaces underneath teh Traveler, performing the same tendril slam as in her burrowing charge.

She will now have gaine access to a ranged wave attack, which can travel the entire length of the arena. While the outer four pillars will block it, the central statue does not.

At 30% health, she will repeat the tentacle swarm ability, although the number of tentacles has increased to 6.

Tentacles[edit | edit source]

The tentacles Kaeula summons have two melee attacks:

  • A forward slam
  • A circle swing

The tentacles during her swarm ability will also reposition to get closer to the Traveler.

Rewards[edit | edit source]