Downward Spiral

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Downward Spiral
Downward Spiral
Increase Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%. For every missing 10% of Max Health, gain 4% Ranged Damage (Max 20%) and 5% Melee Damage (Max 25%)
Charms like this one were created by the Vaunnt long before arriving on Yaesha's shores. It is worn by Pan archers, who are most deadly when cornered.
“All life draws naturally from the Balance. Much is asked of those with plenty, and little is asked of those who lack. Thus is the Balance maintained.”

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Found in Yaesha - The Chimney.
    • In the Chimney event, shoot down the hidden root node. This item will fall down and can be picked up during your descent.

Update history[edit | edit source]

  • Increased Ranged Bonus from 3% to 4%
  • Increased Melee Bonus from 4% to 5%