Range Finder

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Range Finder
Range Finder
After killing an enemy, gain 10% Ranged damage and 2m Firearm Range. Stacks 3x Lasts 10s. Ranged Weakspot Hits will refresh duration.

Range Finder is an amulet that increases damage and weapon range with ranged weapons after enemy kills, refreshing the buff when a weakspot is struck with a ranged weapon.

Its precision needles can calculate not only the exact location of a distant object, but its predicted trajectory as well, which proved instrumental for tracking asteroids caught in N'Erud's massive gravitational pull.
“The calculations and ambit ember revealed one and the same: our universe was not expanding but dying. In our arrogance, we sought to outwit both death and providence. In the end, we ushered it upon ourselves.”

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Weakspot hits on friendly entities will also refresh the buff duration

Acquisition[edit | edit source]