Spirit Wisp Amulet

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Spirit Wisp Amulet
Spirit Wisp Amulet
Activating a Mod reduces current Skill Cooldowns by 3% for every 300 Mod Power spent.
The glass contains a cloud of luminescent smoke, swirling around as though any air current could exist inside the amulet.

You see only smoke, but the amulet jostles in your hand, as though something inside were through itself against the glass.
“The Fae are not the only bearers of magic here. The world is full of magic. You need only seek it, or wait until it finds you.”

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The effect of this amulet is based on actual mod power spent, not the base mod power requirement. This means that perks and gear that reduce Mod Cost will result in smaller effects from this amulet per cast.
  • The amulet tracks mod power spent even when it does not happen in increments of 300. For instance, casting a mod costing 150 power twice would still give 3% refund (300 total spent). Casting a mod that costs 500 would give 3% on first cast, then 6% on the next two casts.
  • The Skill Cooldown reduction offered by this amulet is calculated from base skill cooldowns, before the Skill Cooldown stat is applied. So for a skill with a base cooldown of 100s, the effect will always reduce the cooldown of the skill by 3s per 300 mod power spent, regardless of your Skill Cooldown stat.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]