Neckbone Necklace

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Neckbone Necklace
Neckbone Necklace
Reduces the Damage of Status Effects applied to wearer by 50%. Gain 25% increased Damage when suffering from a Status Effect or Blight.

Neckbone Necklace is an amulet that reduces damage taken from status effects, increasing the wearer's damage dealt when suffering from a status effect or blight.

The furcula, or neck bone, of the carnivorous noctura is difficult to obtain but highly valued in Fae folklore. They say that if one can bind the noctura to his or her will, then the creature will grant their most earnest wish.
“Wishes are deadly, dangerous things. Oh, to make a wish is harmless of course, but to have one granted? If such a thing could be done without cost, the world as we know it would cease to be.

There is, therefore, always a cost.”

Notes[edit | edit source]

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Found in Losomn - The Great Hall
    • After using the Ravenous Medallion to open the locked door, you will find Feast Master sitting on a table filled with rotten food. He will ask you to take part on the feast. Eat any meal served, and the event will begin. Once you are done with the enemy waves, the event ends. Talk again with Feast Master to receive the Amulet.