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The Drzyr were the sole sapient inhabitants of the universe in which N'Erud resides.

Though now they wander aimlessly as shells of their former selves, the Drzyr were once a technologically advanced people. They were capable of incredible feats, such as wielding the power of a star in the palms of their hands[1] or condensing black holes into jewelry.[2] Following a grim miscalculation, the Drzyr have been utterly annihilated by the object of their obsession. Tal'Ratha is the sole surviving member of the species.

By analyzing various audio logs left behind, the Traveler can gleam some insight into the people they once were.

History and Culture[edit | edit source]

Little is known about the world the Drzyr originally inhabited, though it is known that it had both plants and insects.[3][4] The Drzyr were eventually forced to vacate their solar system as their star entered its final stage of life,[5] but records from before this exodus have been lost to time.

The Drzyr were a cerebral and logical people, seeking objectivity in all things. They eschewed philosophy and the arts in favor of scientific understanding,[6][7] though they were not without vices.[8] They held a fascination with the concept of eternity and sought it at any cost.[9]

Following the destruction of their homeworld, the trajectory of the Drzyr was defined by their obsessive search for sapient life. They wandered the stars for millennia in search of a single soul, even preparing technologies to aid the development of alien life,[10] but they found nothing.

Though the Drzyr were not originally religious, they experienced a crisis of faith after coming to a startling revelation: they were truly alone in the universe. For the first time, the Drzyr—who had always sought rational explanations to the many mysteries of the universe—found no answers. Unwilling to accept this, the Drzyr began to travel the universe in search of a Creator.

As their search continued, the First Custodian deduced that the Drzyr's obsession would ultimately lead to their extinction. When its pleas fell on deaf ears, it rebelled against its creators[11] in an attempt to save them.[12] Although several Ofildi assisted in the uprising,[13] the First Custodian was ultimately thwarted by the Phetyr[14] and swiftly disassembled.

Though the First Custodian did not survive to witness it, its grim calculations would be proven correct. The discovery of Alepsis-Taura radicalized Epirus Calca[15] and the other Astropaths, which would ultimately doom the Drzyr.

Structure and Governance[edit | edit source]

The Drzyr were organized via caste system. The five castes—the Seekers, the Mali,[16] the Xul,[17] the Phetyr,[18]and the Ofildi[19]—each served a specific function within Drzyr society. The ordinarily oppressive social structure found new stability in the Drzyr, who were unified in purpose,[20][21] though the Ofildi were often underappreciated.[22]

Each caste was overseen by one of the Five Houses: Wek, M'Ertal, Lythla, Rigol, and Al'Maruun.

The Five Houses[edit | edit source]

House Wek[edit | edit source]

House Wek, headed by Epirus Calca,[15] presided over the Mali caste. They were responsible for training the Astropaths, who navigated the stars and charted N'Erud's course. The Astropaths came to regard Alepsis-Taura as the "Seat of Creation,"[23] viewing whatever awaited inside as a surrogate for the Creator[15] they so desperately sought. Tal'Ratha resisted and attempted to steer the Drzyr away from this course, but he was ultimately unable to save anyone except himself.

House M'Ertal[edit | edit source]

House M'Ertal, headed by Caid Jaru,[18] presided over the Phetyr caste. They were responsible for upgrading and maintaining N'Erud's defense systems. Though they had proven useful during the First Custodian's rebellion,[14] they contributed little else. Their usefulness was oft debated by the other houses.[18]

House Lythla[edit | edit source]

House Lythla presided over the Xul caste. They were responsible for the research and development of technology. Their knowledge eclipsed that of all other houses by a significant margin.[17]

House Rigol[edit | edit source]

House Rigol presided over the Ofildi caste. They provided labor for the other Drzyr and maintained N'Erud's critical systems. They were considered to be 'backbone of the Drzyr' by Tal'Ratha.[19] For the their part in the Custodian's rebellion, several Ofildi bloodlines were exterminated and their names struck from history.[24] It is unknown what effect this may have had on House Rigol.

House Al'Maruun[edit | edit source]

House Al'Maruun, headed by Precept Surus,[25] presided over the Seekers. They were responsible for most administrative duties. They deliberated upon and ultimately determined the destiny of N'Erud and the Drzyr.

Seekers[edit | edit source]

Of the Five Seekers, only four are known: Axiom Cadyar, Risynth Neko, Maxim, and their leader, Precept Surus.

Axiom Cadyar was notoriously stubborn; after a certain point, Tal'Ratha refused to speak to him at all.[26] He was known to distrust both the Astropaths and the Custodian.[26]

Risynth Neko was more sympathetic to the Astropaths and their cause, having tasted the enlightenment of the ambit ember himself.[27]

Little is known about Seeker Maxim, though it is known that he alone stood by Surus' side during the Drzyr's final hours.[25]

Although much of Precept Surus' life is shrouded in mystery, it is known that he did not trust Tal'Ratha's judgment.[28] When the time came to enter Alepsis-Taura, he did not enter stasis as the other Seekers did, and instead chose to stay behind and oversee the journey himself.[25]

Notable Drzyr[edit | edit source]

  • Tal'Ratha, Astropath Primis
  • A'Taerii
  • Caid Jaru
  • Epirus Calca, Oracle Primis
  • Precept Surus, Seeker Primis
  • Seeker Risynth Neko
  • Seeker Axiom Cadyar
  • Seeker Maxim
  • Reb

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